After the launch of the internet portals abooffice.de, PRINZ.de and Küchengötter.de, the publishing group expands its activities in the new media and acquires a majority stake in the SCHNEEMENSCHEN GmbH (www.schneemenschen.de) based in Zweibrücken (Rhineland-Palatinate). The publishing group is also one of the investors in the startup company TRUST YOU that develops and comes out with a metasearch engine. It increases its shareholding in the Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag (dtv) to over 40 per cent. In November the Member of the Executive Board Karl Udo Wrede (65) celebrates his retirement after working for 28 years in the GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE.

At the 60th Frankurt Book Fair the HOFFMANN UND CAMPE VERLAG reveals spectacular news and introduces a manuscript written by Heinrich Heine to the public. It is more than 170 years old and has just recently been discovered. The "Preis der Kritik" (Review Award) goes to the Austrian literary critic Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler. His wife Maria accepts the award for the late deceased at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The HoCa Managing Directors Günter Bern und Markus Klose receive a certificate, champagne and a gateau from the fair authorities in return for 60 years of participation. Marcel Reich-Ranicki switches with his books "Mein Heine" and "Mein Schiller" from the Frankfurt based Suhrkamp-Verlag to HOFFMANN UND CAMPE. Further books will follow. Producer Markus Trebitsch has made the novel "Das Feuerschiff" by Siegfried Lenz into a film. On September 27 it is shown for the first time during the film festival in Hamburg and debuts on television in November.

The JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG optimises its organisation structure and entrusts the publisher's newly founded subsidiary company PSG PREMIUM SALES GERMANY GmbH with the distribution of the magazines starting September 1. The wage and salary administration of the publishing house is taken over by the GANSKE SERVICE GmbH. Publisher Thomas Ganske names Dr. Jan Pierre Klage, managing director for women and lifestyle magazines, as the new spokesman of the management board of the company. WEIN GOURMET awards its annual WINE AWARDS and actress Iris Berben is elected "Wine Gourmet of the Year". In the first quarter of 2008 the fashion magazine PETRA increases its retail circulation by 14.1 per cent compared to the same period last year. The magazine awards its Fashion Awards 2008 for the German fashion industry. Tobias van Duynen becomes Group Head Advertisement of the women magazines.
During an audience in Vatican publisher Thomas Ganske gives an exemplar of the issue "MERIAN Vatikan" to Pope Benedict XVI.
MERIAN assumes the name sponsorship for the art project "Blue Port" of the light artist Michael Batz during the first Hamburg Cruise Days in Hamburg. The MERIAN anniversary issue "Unsere Erde" (Our Earth) is published on December 4. Nicole Zepter takes charge of the editorship of PRINZ and starts with a new journalistic concept: urban lifestyle with regional benefit. PRINZ.de increases its page impressions to over 5.5. million.
As of November VITAL presents a new look: With a new logo, new title concept, new fonts and a new column.
The JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG launches the new journal "Meine erste Wohnung". The trendy periodical developed by the do-it-yourself-magazine SELBER MACHEN helps young people to move in their first apartment. At the same time starts the accompanying internet portal.
HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing releases the first issue of the newsletter for Evonik Industries AG. It is sent to decision-makers in politics and the media. For the Hamburger Sparkasse the company produces annually three special editions about the Haspa distribution issues: investment, financial precautions and property.
iPUBLISH, the producer of the MERIAN scout NAVIGATOR product family, starts a new advertising campaign for the multimedia travel guide. The company offers future customers a unique service: they can get a MERIAN scout NAVIGATOR from selected distribution partners in Germany and test the device for three days. MERIAN scout NAVIGATOR beats 3000 products and wins the renowned red dot award for its exemplary design. The software of MERIAN scout becomes the standard equipment of the Blaupunkt navigation system for the new Opel Insignia ("Car of the Year").

The mail order book store and catalogue specialist FRÖLICH & KAUFMANN based in Berlin celebrates its 30th anniversary. The online shop of the mail order book store AKZENTE remakes its internet presence: over 16,000 offers for books, music and other nice things can be discovered on the new website of AKZENTE.
The LESERKREIS DAHEIM, Germany's biggest reader circle, is now also operating on the sea. The company started a marketing alliance with DFDS Seaways and offers an attractive special offer package for all customers of the Seaways ferries.

The Arbeitskreis Mittelständischer Verlage (AMV) awards the SALLY Award 2008 to the station bookseller Dr. Adam Claus Eckert at a ceremonial reception. AMV spokesman and Jalag managing director Hermann Schmidt made the laudatory speech on the bookseller, whom he appreciates as an important link in the distribution chain.

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