As of July 1st Marta Vascotto takes charge of the programme management in the subject areas House & Garden as well as Life & Learning in the GRÄFE UND UNZER VERLAG. In autumn GRÄFE UND UNZER starts a new publishing programme under the label "Gräfe & Unzer". One of the first books is entitled: "Die Kunst, mit dem Tier im Menschen umzugehen" (The Art to Deal with the Beast in Man) by Gerd Siemoneit-Barum, circus director. At the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) Professor Dr. Michael Naumann is awarded the "Preis der Kritik" (Review Award) of the HOFFMANN UND CAMPE VERLAG. The book "Entscheidungen. Mein Leben in der Politik" (Decisions. My Life in Politics) written by the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and published by HOFFMANN UND CAMPE is the best-selling book of the year. The BMW Magazine by HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing was exemplarily exhibited for German Design at the trade fair "Design Deutschland" (Design Germany) in Tokio. The RAG-Magazine by the same publishing house wins Gold at the Mercury Excellence Awards (USA) in the category "Kundenmagazine: verschiedene Branchen" ("Custom Publications: Business-to-Business"). The "BMW Magazin Special - Der neue 3er" and MINIInternational Zürich" are awarded Bronze Nails at the Art Directors Club (ADC) competition. In August debitel starts its customer magazine nexxt: by debitel, which is published by HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing. The magazine is quarterly published with a circulation of 1.2 m copies.

In February Matthias Frei becomes the publishing director FrauenMagazine for the JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG. Michael Menzer assumes the newly-created position "Group Head Anzeigen FrauenMagazine und PRINZ". He comes from the Bauer Media KG. The JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG introduces the newly integrated production planning and control system (PPS).

A new navigation and travel guide is published by iPUBLISH in coorporation with MERCEDES-BENZ. It contains more than 36,000 destinations described in detail. They are based on information from the magazines MERIAN and DER FEINSCHMECKER. IPUBLISH positions oneself as leading provider of TRAVEL SCOUTING. MERIAN online offers its visitors also a complimentary route planner. The journal A&W Architektur & Wohnen appears with a new web presence. For current information and the online shop visit www.awmagazin.de.Gaetano Pesce becomes the A&W-Designer of the year 2006. The Bookazines, a hybrid form of book and magazine, by the JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG are continued: DER FEINSCHMECKER releases the editions "Spitzenköche" (Top-Ranking Chefs) and "Olivenöl" (Olive Oil).

DER FEINSCHMECKER Restaurant und Hotel Guide 2007 is introduced during the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair). The 10th anniversary of the hotel and restaurant guide is celebrated with a glamorous party and over 1000 guests. Beginning with edition 16/2006 the women's magazine FÜR SIE starts a new booklet-series "Regionale Küche & Lebensart" ("Regional Kitchen & Way of Life"). In July PETRA awards its Fashion Awards on Europe's biggest and most important fashion fair in Düsseldorf. The readers chose their fashion favourites and the best fashion advertisements among 19 motives via internet. PRINZ the lifestyle magazine gets even more interesting: beginning with the December issue PRINZ offers a new layout, high gloss paper and an extended variety of topics. Additionally, a special offer accompanies this edition: vouchers worth 50 euro that can be cashed in for downloads at Musicload.de. Christine Hillmer gets publishing director for PRINZ in January. Joy Jensen becomes editor in chief for VITAL as the successor of Katja Burghardt.The Journalist Award of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung" (DGE, German Nutrition Society) is given to Götz Poggensee, head of nutrition department of VITAL, for the article "Warum wir essen, was wir essen" (Why We Eat What We Eat).

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