TRAVEL HOUSE MEDIA, publisher of travel literature and guidebooks takes up business activity and bundles all activities of the publishing house concerning travel. THM co-operates with the publisher of Michelin Travel- and Hotel Guides. MERIAN LIVE! is awarded the title "Best travel guide series" in the category "kompakt" at the Internationale Tourismusbörse (International Tourism Exhibition).
Since December Carsten Leininger is adding force to the management of the company.

Products of GRÄFE UND UNZER simultaneously hold top positions in the bestseller lists of SPIEGEL, STERN and FOCUS. The publishing house distributes the magazine "balance", which is produced by HOFFMANN UND CAMPE CORPORATE PUBLISHING. High-circulation magazines are supplemented with balance and distributed in bookshops and pharmacies. The "Genuss-Kampagne" (pleasure campaign) of Gräfe und Unzer is accompanied by the Magazine "KochGenuss".

FÜR SIE introduces a own range of jewelry in co-operation with the jeweler Christ.

Günter Berg and Markus Klose take up the management of HOFFMANN UND CAMPE. The publishing house expands its distribution portfolio of audio books with the series "Parlando - edition Brückner". Dr. Andreas Siefke is the new managing director of the HOFFMANN UND CAMPE PUBLISHING HOUSE and responsible for the commercial section of Corporate Publishing. The historian and music critic Professor Joachim Kaiser is awarded the "PREIS DER KRITIK" (Review Award) during the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Bookfair Frankfurt). The HOFFMANN UND CAMPE-author Siegfried Lenz is awarded the honorary citizenship of Schleswig-Holstein. The GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPEpublishes the German edition of the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS in the new publishing house VERLAG DER REKORDE in sole responsibility.

The LESERKREIS DAHEIM increased its distribution area in Munich, Braunschweig and the Ruhr area. The company co-operates with Starbucks Coffee House.

The Prinz-Rhein-Neckar-edition, published in February, is the 14th version of the business enterprise. In August PRINZ celebrates its 15th birthday and sells more than 300.000 copies of its birthday edition.

Besides many awards for the magazines and books of HOFFMANN UND CAMPE CORPORATE PUBLISHING, the "BMW MAGAZIN" is awarded the golden Mercury Excellence Award in New York City. The specialists of Corporate Publishing produce the customer magazine concepts for the construction group Hochtief, as well as the RAG-MAGAZIN and the periodical Folio of the Essener RAG-combine.

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