1945 The Allied occupation forces give Ganske und Christensen license number C8.5B to publish "books and music."
1946 HOFFMANN UND CAMPE resumes selling with 13 titles. The book lending service is resumed.  
1948 The first edition of MERIAN travel magazine is about the German city of Würzburg. The first magazines of Jahreszeiten Verlag-Film und Frau (later called Moderne Frau) and Stimme der Frau (later FÜR SIE) )-are launched in Hanover.
1949 Der JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG (publisher) relocates to Hamburg.  
1951 The first work by SIEGFRIED LENZ “Es waren Habichte in der Luft,“ is published by Hoffmann und Campe.
1954 The LESERKREIS DAHEIM subscription service, with 360,000 subscribers, relocates to Hamburg.  
1957 The first special edition of FILM UND FRAU appears on the subject of architecture.
1967 The first edition of ZUHAUSE WOHNEN appears in the Jahreszeiten Verlag.  
1968 First edition of ARCHITEKTUR UND WOHNEN.
Hoffmann und Campe publishes "Deutschstunde" by SIEGFRIED LENZ.
1969 Jahreszeiten Verlag takes over the women's monthly PETRA from Gruner + Jahr. PETRA and MODERNE FRAU are merged as PETRA DIE MODERNE FRAU.  
1971 VITAL appears for the first time in the Jahreszeiten Verlag.
1973 Gräfe und Unzer sells more than 800,000 copies of "Kochen heute" (Cooking Today) through outlets of the Tchibo coffee company, shaking up the entire publishing industry.  
1975 DER FEINSCHMECKER (gourmet magazine) is taken over from the Arne Verlag. A special do-it-yourself edition of ZUHAUSE, ZUHAUSE MACH´S SELBST is published.
1978 Hoffmann und Campe Verlag becomes a shareholder in the paperback publisher, Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag (dtv), Munich. Jahreszeiten Verlag takes over the do-it-yourself magazine SELBERMACHEN from Orbis Verlag.  

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