GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE took over art publisher HATJE CANTZ from Ostfildern near Stuttgart. The takeover of HATJE CANTZ enabled the publishing group to strengthen its portfolio of companies in the areas of art books, collectors’ catalogues, graphics, design and photography, where it has been operating for many years with the mail-order book stores FRÖLICH & KAUFMANN and ARTSERVICE, as well as the magazines A&W ARCHITEKTUR & WOHNEN and MERIAN more

Bernd Ziesemer (56) became Managing Director of HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing, the leading full-service provider for corporate publications. Mr Ziesemer succeeded publisher Manfred Bissinger (70) in this function, who retired from active executive management but continued to be available to the publishing group as a consultant. more

Sebastian Ganske (33), son of publisher Thomas Ganske, starts his work for the publishing group after finishing his studies, an apprenticeship as management assistant in publishing and a lengthy stay abroad. more

After the launch of the internet portals abooffice.de, PRINZ.de and Küchengötter.de, the publishing group expands its activities in the new media and acquires a majority stake in the SCHNEEMENSCHEN GmbH based in Zweibrücken (Rhineland-Palatinate). more

In May the GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE celebrates its centenary with a ceremonial act in the town hall of Hamburg. more

The book "Entscheidungen. Mein Leben in der Politik" (Decisions. My Life in Politics) written by the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and published by HOFFMANN UND CAMPE is the best-selling book of the year. more

To mark 100 years since the birth of the publisher Kurt Ganske, HOFFMANN UND CAMPE VERLAG publishes the biography "Halte Schritt. Kurt Ganske und seine Zeit".

TRAVEL HOUSE MEDIA, publisher of travel literature and guidebooks takes up business activity and bundles all activities of the publishing house concerning travel. more

Thomas Ganske has created a new holding company to manage the activities of his Publishing Group. In GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE GmbH all activities of all companies of the group are bundled. more

Thomas Ganske succeeds Kurt Ganske as publisher. more

The Allied occupation forces give Ganske und Christensen license number C8.5B to publish "books and music." more

BUCHHANDLUNG GOTTFRIED ECKART (bookseller) is founded as the forerunner of the Gräfe und Unzer Verlag (publisher). more

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