he Munich-based publishing house TRAVEL HOUSE MEDIA is a member of the GANSKE PUBLISHING GROUP which is headquartered in Hamburg. The series MERIAN, POLYGLOTT and ADAC are edited by in-house editorial departments. Further, TRAVEL HOUSE MEDIA is responsible for publishing the German editions of the MICHELIN Green Guides as well as the series BEST OF by MICHELIN.

In addition, TRAVEL HOUSE MEDIA serves as an umbrella brand for the distribution of high-quality travel products: The MERIAN magazine, the complete MICHELIN- and ADAC-programme, the products of Bergverlag Rother, the FEINSCHMECKER Guide and BOOKAZINES as well as the travel guides of Michael Müller publishing.

Since 2013, TRAVEL HOUSE MEDIA has also been distributing the 100% cityguides of Berlin-based mo media GmbH as well as the programme of BVA Bielefelder Verlag.

The company is ranked “number two” among German travel publishers and was founded in 2004 by the GANSKE PUBLISHING GROUP, which includes, among others, the publishing houses HOFFMANN UND CAMPE and GRÄFE UND UNZER.




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