Agood publishing house grows like a tree," was the celebratory message of the HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Verlag on its 200th anniversary in 1981. Its early days were marked by famous German authors like Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Hebbel, Ludwig Börne and others from the "Junges Deutschland" circle of young and rebellious writers. This house, steeped in tradition, was first bought in part and then in its entirety by Kurt Ganske in 1941 and 1950, and is now the core of the publishing group's book activities. What the legendary publisher Julius Campe once cultivated still characterizes the present program. HOFFMANN UND CAMPE is a large, successful publisher of popular fiction and non-fiction in Germany, promoting the literary works of both renowned and up and coming young writers. All of Siegfried Lenz' works, for example, have been published by HOFFMANN UND CAMPE since 1951. The publisher's range of fiction work is further distinguished by authors such as Doris Lessing, José Saramago, Irene Dische, David Guterson, Matthias Politycki, Patricia Cornwell or Wolf Haas. In the nonfiction program are such renowned names as Helmut Schmidt, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Hellmuth Karasek and Peer Steinbr&uumlck.

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