ATJE CANTZ publishes books that are standard-bearers for attention to detail and a passion for art. Expertise, commitment and an inquiring approach determine the diversity and strategic trajectory of the publishing programme. Enthusiasm and a passion for new and undiscovered art have defined the profile of this publishing house from the time of its establishment in 1945 to the present day. HATJE CANTZ has accompanied many artists from the outset of their career to their major successes, including luminaries such as Gerhard Richter, Andreas Gursky, Neo Rauch and Erwin Wurm. Lavish books have been produced recording the works of artists like Kurt Schwitters, Willi Baumeister, August Macke, Richard Paul Lohse, Ernst Wilhelml Nay or Alex Katz and many others. The multivolume catalogue of works by Gerhard Richter will be published over the next few years as the culmination of 20 publications on this artist.

Quality is the key criterion for programme development at HATJE CANTZ. The wide-ranging programme of HATJE CANTZ VERLAG makes this publishing house one of the leading international publishers for the visual arts, new media, photography and architecture. Apart from monographs on artists, the publisher has developed into the market leader for the production of catalogues based mainly on academic publishing joint ventures with established museums and institutes. HATJE CANTZ provides informative and high-quality publications for major art events such as the documenta exhibition of modern and contemporary art held in Kassel every five years and other high-profile national and international exhibitions.

A long track record of close cooperation links the publisher with an array of distinguished institutions such as the Beyeler Foundation, the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, the collections of the Bavarian State Galleries in Munich, and the Albertina in Vienna, to name just a few.

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