Willdenowstrasse 5
13353 Berlin
Telefon: 0 30/4 65 10 01
Telefax: 0 30/4 65 10 03

Approach via the Autobahn: City highway A115, then A100 towards Wedding to the end. Then the Autobahn becomes the Seestraße. Turn right onto Sylter Straße at the first opportunity. Drive on until Sylter Straße has turned into Nordufer, and Nordufer into Lynardstraße (after a left turn). Then turn left onto Willdenowstraße.

From Bahnhof Zoo: Take the underground to Leopoldplatz, then change for the next underground to Wedding. Here is also the S-Bahn-Station (5 minutes to walk).

From the airport: It is absolutely necessary to tell the taxi driver that you want to go to the "Willdenowstraße im Wedding", because there is another street with the same name in Berlin. The taxi takes approximately 15 minutes (during off-peak hours).

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